01.02.07 :: 9:54 am

2007 starts with a yawn and ends with napping.

Seriously, I have never been so asleep in my whole life.
I contribute this to the weather and to the retarded amount of food i've been shoveling into my maw the past 6 days.

Even the dog's been mellower and sleepier than usual.

We even pulled out the couch yesterday and all puppy-piled with blankets and pillows to watch movies.

The brighter, more awake spots of this mini-break included much revelry and merry-making with Ruby and Trixi on New Year's Eve and watching Ryan get loaded and totally enjoy himself playing Guitar Hero 2.
I told him yesterday morning when he woke up hung over that I had never seen him so drunk and so having a blast.

And he said, "I feel totally comfortable around those people now."

I actually can't believe I'm back at my desk. Well, at the very least this place is an appetite-killer.

Also, I'm toting around the corpse of Gyspy 2, my iPod, totally putting off taking her back to the dreaded, abysmal Apple store to recycle her and get a 10% discount off my next iPod purchase.

Mostly I am livid at Apple for ensuring that iPods last a maximum of 366 days, thus making the 1 year warranty null and void.

Motherfucking cocksucking.


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