04.18.02 :: 10:46 am

He fell asleep relatively early last night. But I watched a program on the Discovery channel about all these really detailed studies done on relationships and marriages and how humans' primitive brains tell them that they must look for another partner to mate with after around four or five years (after rearing one child through infancy) in order to keep the species going and to have a wide variety of offspring.

I don't know about any of that horseshit, and all their studies with couples hooked up to machines and electrodes and whatnot.

I just know that there is only one peen on this earth I'm making babies with and it's attached to the boy I will never leave unless I very suddenly became dead.


And there's your ten cent word for the day.

PS: Let's discuss how next week will be a Michael Bolton-a-thon in front of my office building.

Snipers welcome. And encouraged.

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