06.23.04 :: 9:42 am

My job is taking a toll on my skin and my stress levels, which is why Moo suggested taking a day trip to some kwaint kuntry village upstate, to clear my head and so he can find some kind of antique coffee table.

I'm calling him Moo because a) it's short for the name of the company he works for (muze) and b) because he came over last night and installed over 8 gigs of amazing music into my iTunes. God bless him. We've pooled both our collections and it's something like 77 days of stuff. It's kinda crazy.

Anyway, so Saturday morning we're waking up at the asscrack of dawn, getting on a train and heading to... Godknows where... Moo knows, I don't.

And then Sunday, a barbecue at Lemur's house.

I knew Moo was a keeper because he and Lemur got along so well when they met. And also because Lemur's first name is Moo's middle name.

Oh, the stupid things I think of...

I have cramps and my midsection is distended to twice its normal size. I am going to remedy this with twelve cups of coffee.

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