09.06.08 :: 9:31 am

everything's so ... mushy.
i'm talking, of course, about my ass and thighs. sure, the weight's off and my wedding ring fits again but...

haha. butt.

ok enough nonsense.
the other night, we were up on the roof deck, getting Tater some fresh nighttime air when we got to talking with a dude originally from Trinidad. His dog is Stoosh-dog's current crush object.

Anyway, we talked about pros and cons of LA vs NY, and baby stuff and etcetera.

Later, Ryan observed: "Ever notice that the majority of really nice people here aren't from here?"

Ain't that the truth, brother.

And with that, I segue into my dealings with not really nice people, AKA, Bigwigs.
So I called Human Inconveniences (Resources is a total misnomer, but I could make the case that if you needed aggravation, they'd be your resource for that) and straightened out my situation.

Which is: I am free to collect unemployment and they won't make a stink about it.
Apparently, they let go 30 other people as well. I wasn't singled out or anything. Which just proves that the company is not doing so hot.
Again, I avoid sinking with the ship.
It's amazing how lucky I've been when it comes to that.

So yeah. They gave me some bullshit about Maternity Leave not really protecting me from losing my job when I'm ready to return to work and since I didn't feel like making a stink, I let it go.

I'm already getting out scott-free. In the end, I don't look like an asshole who quit her job a year into it to move back to brooklyn.

So that's that.

The Tater is currently sleeping in his swing. It's still rocking. He's also wearing jammies, which is a first. This is a happily naked baby, usually.

Oh my God I have to go eat him, now.

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