03.14.07 :: 9:32 am

ridiculously painful/sad dream about Mr. M (of all people) last night.
I hate when dead feelings get temporarily resurrected and you're left with a batch of pointless, long-expired sadness.

what was that about, anyway?

three months out of my whole entire life and he's still a troublesome sore point.

how strange the things our psyches choose to hang onto.
no one else.

no one else in the history of my dating life has left such an imprint.

to the extent that if i saw him on the street, i would probably cry.
not openly, but afterwards.

so lame.

and yes, i know i'm married to the most magnificent human being ever birthed into existence, but a wedding and a notarized piece of paper doesn't erase memories.

i'm going to eat a banana and a Centrum and just let it pass.

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