10.19.01 :: 11:09 am

In a fit of idiocy and hunger, I ate two Big Macs for dinner last night.

Oh, my meaty friend...it's been so long!

Cheese is now My Boy's third roommate. And a wonderful addition to the Souse House. That place is so fucking punk rock right now.

I gave him a ride in a shopping cart, loaded out of our minds last night. The boy is 6'6", and weighs somewhere in the ballpark of 250 pounds. He let me draw a red magic marker heart around his belly button right before he passed out on the couch.

Ah, good times.

Tonight, I think I'll do some recovering and save myself for the serious drinkfest that will be Rubela's birthday tomorrow.

On a sidenote, I haven't forgotten about my previous entry. And I'd like to reiterate: fuck you, princess.


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