11.19.04 :: 9:06 am

Stoosh-dog caught a mouse last night.

It was every bit as disgusting and upsetting as it may sound. It was a baby mouse, too.

It must have gotten in through the kitchen door, which leads to the back deck (and hence the great outdoors, and Stoosh saw it and fucking pounced.

Ryan and I heard the scuffle and were like, "what the fuck?" and when she came sauntering back into the living room, she had the mouse in her mouth.

I fucking freaked. I started screaming, begging her to let it go. The thing was dead, but I mean, she was getting ready to have herself a feast and I did not want mouse blood & guts everywhere.

So I tried my best to distract her with biscuits, all the while screaming as she hunched over her prey.

And then she ran into the bedroom with it, took it onto my bed and that's when Ryan dashed in there, grabbed her by the collar, and moved her out of there.

While I held her, he scooped the mouse onto a dustpan and then flung it over the side of the building, into some unfortunate soul's backyard.

I went back into the bedroom and noticed that Stoosh dog had marked her territory. All over the bed.

It was a rough night.
But the bed was cleaned and dried with the help of some Gain on a sponge and a hairdryer and all I know is THANK THE FUCK CHRIST Stoosh-dog has an appointment with the vet on Saturday.


In other news, what did I say about getting a brand new computer and then immediately being offered a new job? It's almost too funny.


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