07.26.03 :: 4:07 pm

I do not know what to say. I am caught in a whirlwind romance, against my better judgement.

But a man who will sing off key with me in the shower to Men at Work and who does exactly the gross shit I flippantly made reference to (AND NOT EVEN OUT LOUD, for the love of God) ... well, fuckingdammit.

I have no other choice but to get sucked in and go with it.

Might it go terribly, terribly wrong? Of course. There is always that chance. But at least I know now that there exists exactly the type of spazzmotron I'm looking for and that if I found this one, I can find others as well.

Soon, I will have an army.

But whatever, I digress. Yes, another lovely evening out with Simon.

Oh baby baby baby.

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