2001-06-06 :: 2:46 p.m.

Oh, yeah. I have a book to write.

It's sitting up there in my brain, and it wants to get written, but then I get sidetracked by other things like my pooping dog, or the boy, or my 'Nuns, or other books.

I'm getting to it, though, I swear.

So before I leave for Greece I have to get my lizard tattoo. On my foot. For the gang. And for me, also. I like belonging somewhere.

Last summer, right around Beka's wedding, the boys got tattooed. Matching lightning bolts (hey, they came up with that symbol when they were five, gimme a break). Some got theirs on their wrists, and some got theirs on the back of their hands, between their thumb and index finger. That is some hardcore boy bonding, I have to say. I was shocked that they went through with it.

The girls were not so brave. Maybe this summer. I almost convinced my cousins to do it, but they chickened out last minute.

I can't get home fast enough. I think my OCD is kicking in, because I'm getting some serious urges to vacuum and mop. What's crazed is that I'm actually looking forward to it.

And "that's just bang out of order!" To quote Alan Partridge.

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