10.19.04 :: 10:02 am

Holy moley. California, you are fucking crazy.

I am back. Moo and I had a fantastic time. This vacation solidified the fact that we are birds of a feather and we are marrying the everloving shit out of each other, but first and foremost:

L.A. women, please explain: the ugg boot/miniskirt combo and the Juicy velour or terrycloth matching tracksuit.

Why do you all wear this uniform?

Also, I will never understand the need to drive ten blocks.

But other than that. Palm Springs rocked in the way that desert resort towns can and the weather was awesome and Moo's parents' house was like something out of a movie set: Mexican themed and sprawling.

I swear to Jebus this place must have been about 2,500 square feet. Moo's dad designed and helped build the whole thing. Severely impressive. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, ginormous living room and office (whatever!), and the best part is the back patio with the lagoon-like pool and jacuzzi spilling water into it.

I mean, seriously. Whatever. It was like a five-star hotel. I felt disgusting for griming it up with my New York filthiness.

Anyway, Moo's family is like the functional family I never had. He and his sister get along, they get along with their parents, and their parents are affectionate (openly, even!) to each other.

It's part Pleasantville and part Twilight Zone hanging out with them for four days straight.

It was a relaxing break from the cold and rain and the tedium of life in New York.

I took pictures, and I'll link some soon. I am so fucking exhausted at the moment. Moo and I took the red-eye last night from L.A. (never again!) and we landed at JFK at 5:30 this morning.

I have no idea how I'm functioning. I'm leaving early. That is a fact.

Oh, and another thing I noticed about L.A.: the freeways are positively littered with tire treads, shed like snakeskin on the road. Too much driving! Not enough exercise! I gained eleventy pounds in four days!

And now, I have to put my head on my desk and nap/cry. The tiredeness is astounding.


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