06.30.04 :: 9:07 am

Ma Sundaygirl loved Moo instantly. Which is surreal since she's liked maybe one of my boyfriends ever in my whole life.

So that went well. And then Moo put together my Ikea entertainment center in less than half an hour without ever having seen it before.

In more frustrating and more Sundaygirl-like news, the ex wrote me an email to let me know that my guitar is officially missing, and that he apologizes but that when he "lent it out" a year ago, we had just broken up and he was in a "drunken haze" for the most part during that time.

So he doesn't remember whom he gave it to, or when, or how long ago.

That's just... that's just marvellous.

I'm so glad I no longer have to deal with his mind-numbing juvenilia. What a humongous, eleven-ton weight lifted off me.

Anyhow, onward. Both my roommates moved out yesterday, and the apartment is all big and echoey and empty.

I am still reeling over the fact that one of them took the garbage can with her.

Of all things.

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