05.07.07 :: 7:58 am

interview today at 1:30. wish me luck.

ps: upon preliminary review, people in LA drive like assholes. and i thought new york cabbies were bad.

still, it's sunny and mild so you can't complain.
although, i hear new york is bringing on her springtime best, making it, of course, really hard not to miss her.

got the makings of a lovely summer glow from 3 days in the desert.

still need to find a kickass gyno and dermatologist (i figured my skin drama would cease when i got here, but i guess the stress is way too strong).

the stoosh-dog seems to dig it here.
she's out in the yard all day, sniffing around and exploring and then napping in the sunshine. what a life.

other than that, stasis.
trying to keep zen.
good people, good health.

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