05.12.08 :: 9:21 am

Although technically I'm not a mom yet, I did score a terrific lunch and a stack of flowers from the mister yesterday afternoon.

and then we went shopping and i bought a dress in a size 6 which i haven't worn since the wedding but i figure it was pretty expensive so it will give me the motivation to sign up at the gym when we get back to new york and sweat my ass off. literally.


Also managed to wash and put away all of Oliver's clothes and sheets (3 loads!) and I made his crib and his little area looks like a real live baby lives there and holy shit a real live baby is going to live there in approximately 9 weeks holy shit !!!


No other news except that my joints are now starting to ache with the fiery hot searing pain of a thousand arthritis cases.

Mashing away at the keyboard,

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