2001-06-21 :: 9:37 a.m.

I love it when something goes wrong and people come to me, all hopeful, eyes gleaming, that I can fix it. I guess no one has told these people that I am a temp. I crawl out from under my cube every week for my paycheck. I don't know jack about no PDS whozamacallit or Quark 4.


"Are you sure about your feelings for each other this time?"
"BecauseI can't survive another one of your break ups, I mean it."
"I'm very sure."
"No, really. I'm an old woman."
"Ma! I'm sure!"
"Then all you have to do right now is work on is making it work. Don't worry about what other people are worried about until much later, when they won't even be worried anymore, you'll see. Where are my cigarettes and Mother of God when are you getting a haircut?"

Is it just me or is allergy season really heinous this year? My crusted eyes agree.

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