04.07.04 :: 9:33 am

EP called me last night to check up on me, see how I was doing, and to cheer me up. I thought this was really nice of him.

My mother generously offered to pay for my hospital visit and for my medication and after waiting around for my prescription to be filled, we had drinks and pizza together and had a fantastic conversation about love, loss, and errands.

I am lucky to have her. Part of me doesn't want her to retire to Greece in a couple of years.

But after news that my aunt (her sister) has falled ill again recently, she's probably going to retire early to go be with her.

She found out about my aunt getting sick about twenty minutes after finding out I was in the hospital. Double-whammy of the highest caliber. She shat bricks yesterday, I know it, but she was so cool on the outside.

And we talked about my dad and that's always good for a laugh. Her hatred of him knows no bounds. And she doesn't quite understand how I can pal around with him when I visit him when he put our lives in danger so many years ago.

But you can't choose your family and I'm stuck with him and I love him regardless, you know? I'm learning to forgive him and let it go, which is what she should start doing, but he hurt her more than he hurt me so I understand the impulse to want to strangle him repeatedly.

Anyhow. She recovered my day from being totally shit and for that, she's the wonderfullest.

And, I am officially taking a drug cocktail! Three different pills! Throughout the day!

Life is so exciting.

I'm at least proud of myself for not losing it completely and calling Mr. M, weeping, yesterday.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

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