08.07.02 :: 11:33 pm

I just remembered I had another run-in with a pushy employee, this time, at the Body Shop a couple of days ago.

Now, I don't usually like spending any more time in there than absolutely necessary because the smells get to me eventually and I have to lie down. And, also, because I only buy, like three things from there ever.

So I go in for some shower gel. I grab the second one I sniff, which happens to be the passion fruit kind. Up at the counter, as I'm getting ready to pay, Pushy Employee tells me that I can get a free bar of soap with this purchase.

I'm not in the market for another bar of soap, but whatever. It's free. So I go to the giant bin that's full of brightly colored soaps and as I'm sniffing the various flavors, Pushy Employee calls out loudly,

"The matching passion fruit soap is the pink one. The pink one."

Now, there's about twelve different pink soaps in this bin, and I'm not that vexed about having a matching soap/shower gel set, so I pick up a pink soap so as not to rile Pushy Employee.

She calls out to me again,

"That's grapefruit. You want the other pink one."

Flustered, and a little annoyed that she is so interested in making sure I smell like passion fruit at all times, I grab another pink one.

This upsets her further, and I start to panic as she walks exasperately over to me to hand me the fucking right soap.

Before she has a chance, I muster my strength to defend my choice, grabbing a familiar color and saying "This is the one I want, thank you." She rang up my purchase giving me the stink eye.

With that ordeal over, I thought about what transpired.

What the fuck difference does it make make if I mix my Passion Fruit with Satsuma?


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