09.19.09 :: 10:56 am

at some point while on "holiday" i must have contracted a parasite or something because all of a sudden, my pants are falling off of me.
i hopped on the scale and ten pounds were missing.

i have, of course, fucked up this turn of events by eating bacon and cheese this morning, proving further that i am incapable of leaving well enough alone.

second interview in the bag.
phone interview with unemployment scheduled as well, wherein i get to try and explain what i was doing overseas for four weeks.

how about the completely plausible "looking for a job IN ANOTHER COUNTRY SINCE THIS ONE HAS FAILED ME IN THAT REGARD"?

Seriously? I'm about 4 seconds away from total madness, like giving myself fully over to insanity sans medication.

Also, the Tater had a fever 3 days in a row and now the virus has manifested itself in all these weird tiny pink spots all over his body and the doctor looked at him and said not to worry but how can I not when my child looks like a map of the constellations rendered in skin?

Lastly, for our birthdays, Ryan and I are getting ourselves iPhones. This could end in tears seeing as how I just need a phone to do two basic things: send and receive calls.
But it could be a fun new technological adventure for me.

And the upside: getting rid of our stupid LA area codes.
Speaking of which, Los Angeles magazine can stop asking me to re-subscribe.

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