08.06.06 :: 7:33 pm

i've been totally immersed in "Fun in Acapulco," starring Elvis Presley and Ursula Andress.
What can I say.

It's the perfect summertime evening movie. Mindless, colorful, fun and drunken.

not ready for work tomorrow.
everyone's going to be back from the photo shoot in st. tropez with the Didmeister, and from what they've been reporting through sad little misspelled and frantic missives on their Blackberries, it was traumatizing beyond belief.

To quote our creative director: "I've never in my life been around so much drama and tears."

So yeah I totally can't wait to have them all back, miserable, cranky, and ruining my mellowed work vibe.

The good news is, the Awfulest Intern in Manhattan is gone.
Thank Jesus for the small things.

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