12.09.06 :: 9:16 am

oh, did I say I wasn't going to splurge?

Yeah, well so much for that.
While I technically bought "work" clothes (all black!) they're festive enough to wear out on a night on the town.

And slim black cords look pretty hot on me right now.

They're gonna be the reminder for me to keep at it at the gym.
There is no goal in mind this time, so it's doubly hard.

I mean, apart from health benefits and whatever but it's really hard to think about those when you're on mile 4 on the treadmill and you're blinded and dazed.

dude i love the holidays.

and speaking of, while walking around SoHo late evening-ish (around 6:30pm) and all the christmas lights were on and bright white against a black sky..
i don't know, i really fell in love with this stupid town again.

it was pretty empty, it being friday evening and ten degrees and all...
and everything looked really sharp and illuminated.

i like being reminded that this place ain't so bad. sometimes.

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