06.13.02 :: 4:53 pm

Of course I pay a woman $36 a month to do violence to my nethers with hot wax because I could never commit such hatred by my own hand.

Anyways, we're ready for the beach. If only Mother Nature was, too.

When I deposit my check today, I think I will treat myself to a couple of cd's and/or dvd's and/or a book or two at Borders.

Come on. I need to keep busy, people. Oh, and I almost forgot, come September, I will not be in that much of a financial mess.

So, here's what I'm thinking:

1. Complete First and Second season of Mr. Show on DVD
2. "Since I Left You" - The Avalanches
3. Graphic Design Cookbook
4. The Universe in a Nutshell - Stephen Hawking
5. Donnie Darko on DVD
6. Le Tigre - Remixes

Sounds like a plan. They won't have all this shit anyway.

It would be wise to go buy groceries, seeing as I'm eating string beans out of the can, but whatever. Mental health is far more important, I say.

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