05.25.03 :: 3:23 pm

"Jews like a good..."

And so it goes. A good drunken round of Taboo on Friday night kicked off the weekend.

And yet I somehow couldn't get into high gear. It's halfway through the holiday break but I'm not feeling on.

Saturday was a total waste, even though the walk to the lame-ass party was punctuated with hilarous references to "jizz socks." And along the way, we passed some drunken guy smoking outside of a bar who slurred "What's up, sluts?" to passing females.

To which we could only burst out laughing.

And I came right back with:

"He means: What's up, Girl I'm Going to Fall Asleep Inside of Half-Erect Later on?"

Good times. Tonight, I'm going to a birthday party in Brooklyn, although my ex invited me to go to a barbecue but I just don't feel like dealing with awkwardness on my weekend.

Anyhow, the roommate is totally hogging the cable television right now with his annoying pseudo-girlfriend, who could not for the life of her stop yelling drunkenly at 6:30 in the morning.

Lucky for me, I am exactly the type of asshole who can tell people to shut the fuck up when my sleep is being messed with.

Also high on the "things that rub me the wrong way" meter last night was the ex confessing a lame detail about his cheating that could have been kept to himself since it doesn't even matter anymore, but it definitely made it easier to look forward to moving out and being free.

One more month. I'm feeling very good about the things to come.

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