07.18.03 :: 11:19 am

I like that my karma isn't so dreadful so as to not have anything to do with myself post-breakup on weekends.

I must have done some charity work in a former life because my weekends are crammed with activities and parties and people to see (and do? ha ha!) ...

Good stuff.

I may or may not have met someone I may or may not be interested in seeing repeatedly.

I offer no more information.

I just wanted to get it out.

Also, I believe I seriously jinx myself in these types of situations and want to avoid that.

So, shhhh.

I'll say when I want to say.

In other news, I have no money because I bought expensive jeans and expensive shirts. Again.

And I've come to the realization that it just doesn't really matter if I live with credit card debt. As long as I pay the minimum each month, who cares if it never gets paid off? I could get hit by the crosstown bus tomorrow.

I'm full-swing into the Summer of Me. Which is going to turn into the Autumn, Winter, and Spring of Me.

And I like it.

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