2001-07-05 :: 11:32 p.m.

I'm not usually into theme restaurants.

Living in New York my whole life, I've developed quite a distate for the Planet Hollywoods, Hard Rocks, blah blah blah miserysuckymoneypitcakes that infest this city. Oh, and I also puked up mozzarella sticks at Jeckyl & Hyde's several years ago (the first and last time I set foot there).

So, okay, I hate theme restaurants. They suck. But tonight, we went to Mars 2112 and yes, it was touristy as all get out, and yes, the drinks were insanely overpriced, and yes, nobody in their right mind would ever pay $16 for a pasta dish... but it was fun. Jack's birthdya was fun. I had a blast.

I did almost toss my cookies on the ride that simulates flying through time and space to Mars. But that's because you're locked into a capsule with twenty strangers with no windows and you get jolted around for five minutes. So, yeah, where's my dramamine?

Other than that, fun fun fun. Three words: caramel apple martinis.

No, I will not be going again. And if you ever see me anywhere near Times Square again in the next six months, you have permission to douse me in kerosene and light a match.

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