01.06.09 :: 1:50 pm

In Good News From Athens, Greece: my oldest cousin M (she's 36) is currently 2 months pregnant and due in August.


How awesome is that? Oliver's getting a second cousin!! And they'll be a year and a month apart, just like me and M's sister, E.

I'm so over the moon, I want to get on a plane right now and hug her forever.

You don't even know.
This is the very same woman who assured everyone that she would never have children.
I think Oliver changed her mind. He has that effect on the vehemently child-free.

I hope we can plan our trip to Greece this summer to coincide with this magical birth.

So happy right now. It doesn't even matter that the Teething Massacre of '08 is neverending in our house right now.

Oh and I ran 3 miles today.

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