09.26.01 :: 9:50 am

American Pie 2 was so lame, it needed crutches. But. There were only about three other people in the theater last night when the JC Crew went to see it.

And. All the proceeds of last night's ticket sales went to the relief fund for the WTC disaster.

Also. My Boy snuck in some Jack Daniels and about halfway through, I was giggling along to the puerile antics like I was 18.

These 3 things made it worthwhile.

This morning, I had a really weird dream about going to pick up a rescued dog from this old couple's house in West Bumblefuck, and when I get there after having spent $100 in cab fare, the old woman says "The dog's staying with us." And she slams the door in my face. I had to walk home. It took me two days.

This can only mean that I'm feeling guilty about not volunteering at the animal shelter last weekend. I will do it this Sunday, I promise. Really, I swear.

After the movie, My Boy and I went home and put all the tealights I had around the apartment into a plastic bag, took them to Hamilton Park, and re-lit all the candles that had gone out in the memorial. It was nice.

Today, I'm going to buy a bunch of Mexican prayer candles and add them to the growing bunch. It's a really awesome sight. Candles embedded in inches and inches of melted wax, dried flowers and leaves. Gorgeous.

Today I pretend to act normal while shuttling artwork between floors.

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