02.04.02 :: 9:29 am

That was fun. Really.

Haven't had a Friday night that fun in a long time. My girls, and two new girls and fun fun fun and drinks and laughs. Good times.

Go Pats, in other news. That was a good game, even though I hate football.

The best part of the game was the commercial where Kevin Bacon plays the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game.

I love that man now, officially.


"Posturepedic" is not a real word.


Got the cable modem hookup, saying goodbye to the landline in less than a week.

We are now only reachable by cell phone, me and My Boy. This is exciting.

We also bought 6 DVDs yesterday in a splurge to end all splurgefests at the mall.

But it's that kind of lazing about on a Sunday watching the Special Edition of "Groundhog Day" that makes my life.


Over in the scheming department, we seem to be having a feud with the people who live two houses over.

They've never seen us, nor us them, but they don't like us locking our bikes to the very public property sing post in front of their house.

They defaced my bike by taping a sign to it saying they'd call the cops if we didn't remove our bikes. From the Very Public Signpost.

And, also, I'm not sure if they were responsible (but they probably were), my tire was deflated.

So I left them a note:

"To the Owners of the Pole:

I was not aware that this Singpost was PRIVATELY OWNED BY YOU AND NOT THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY.

Perhaps, I too, shall call the police in order to investigate the matter of your defacing my property and popping my tires. Then we can call it even."

Those motherfuckers. My Boy suggested that we now start chaining random shit to that pole. Come recycling day, we're chaining used furniture, discarded toilets, sinks, whatever.

They're gonna fucking WISH our bikes were still chained there.

Loving the madness. Living the hostility.

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