04.05.07 :: 9:23 am

startled out of bed at 3:15 this morning to the sounds of ryan puking and hello, the flu.
it was awful.
it's still awful.

i'm on no sleep and 2 shots of espresso in this large coffee. someone come and peel me off the ceiling in about an hour.

work is a complete joke at this point. keeping myself highly entertained at the nonchalance with which they've chosen to go about "replacing" me. as in, they haven't.
as in, they haven't even posted my job yet.

at least i won't have to train anyone. because i can barely hide my contempt.

contemplating not getting a real job until september.
because i want to go to greece this summer and chill out for a month.

money's too tight to mention, however, and it's probably just a pipe dream as of right now.

we'll see.

still no sign of a period, and at this point it's probably due to stress and thinking about it 24/7 but i'm totally petrified of what nightmarish disaster is brewing in there.

but because i don't want to end this entry on such a down note, my skin's cleared up (more or less) and yesterday someone said it looked "luminous."

shining, sparkling, splendid,

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