12.09.01 :: 11:40 am

Trixi confirmed that my setting her up with Drummer Boy's best friend and bandmate has proven fruitful, since they are now boyfriend/girlfriend. This means, I suppose, that because I have done a good and selfless deed, I will be allowed through the pearly gates of Heaven upon my demise.

That is good news, I tell ya.

And I couldn't be happier for her and Mr. Heartdrop.


Whenever I drink too much (what's "too much" anyway, really?) I have insane dreams. Lucid dreaming, I think it's called. Where you can actually sort of control what's going on.

So this dream I had last night. I was in a big, swank hotel and I had two dogs with me. Stoosh-dog, and a dog that could pass for Stoosh-dog's fraternal twin. And I had them on a joint leash and we were walking around and everybody knew us and said hi and stuff.

Then, the dream changed and instead of me owning two almost identical dogs, I was the adoptive mother of two almost identical black babies. One of them was a boy, Jack, and he was half-black, half-Mexican and he had a crazy big Afro and a diaper and he was very dark-skinned. The other baby was a girl and she was half-black , half-Chinese and she was light-skinned but with a matching Afro.

And there I was, proud mother of two, in this big hotel, strutting around holding my babies in each arm. And when I wasn't giving them baths in the sink, to the delight of the older women in the hotel, I was lucid dreaming into people's rooms and trying on their clothes.

Freaktastic, I tell ya.


We measured the apartment yesterday. And My Boy got all creative and shit and made a 2-D scale model of it and we had loads of fun drinking and rearranging the construction paper furniture in our new place.

We also tried re-creating the apartment on the Sims, but it was less successful. Too time-conuming for a Saturday night. The layout though, is startling in its similarity.

I also bought six yards of a purple and yellow satin-y fabric from a sari store that was going out of business in Little India, to drape it over my boring couch. So it will match his green and yellow velvet antique couch. Our pad is gonna be straight out of the 60's, bohemia mod cheetah prints christmas lighted comfy huge.

And the good stuff doesn't even end there! The DJ at the restaurant I waitress at volunteered to DJ our housewarming party ... for FREE. Because he really wants to!

I think this is awesome.

We can't wait to move in. Six! More! Days!

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