06.06.05 :: 9:00 am

what a weekend.
i punished my body in the best ways possible: advanced one hour pilates class, and the bicycling all over the 'hood and prospect park with ryan.

today, i am sore in the muscles surrounding my ribcage (what?) and my assssss.

saturday night, they were showing the original Star Wars on a 50 foot screen for free in the park, and we snagged a good spot and it was really lovely. I'm not even a Star Wars fan. But the stars were out and Mars was twinkling red and white and Luke was all whiny, and it was just a perfect night.

we ate sammiches in the park yesterday during a bike break, and acquired a pair of kickass burn/tans.

which we remedied by drinking profusely on my deck while grilling meats and veggies on the mini weber.

i displayed one of the few talents i have: being able to eat corn on the cob row by row. Pictures forthcoming.

sleep was difficult. i should have turned on the a/c. the dog slept on the hardwood floor and ry and i shed all our clothes to sleep in the nekkies, positioned in front of my big-ass industrial fan.

it's 87 degrees in new york today.


i hope this week flies by. California awaits on Friday. I'm gonna try surfing for the first time. I will undoubtedly break myself. Hooray!

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