02.17.04 :: 8:57 am

I've got some kind of interview today at 1:00. I don't know. I've sort of thrown my hands up regarding the prospect of ever getting out of this "Perma-Temp" Death Spiral I've gotten myself into, but then again, I had done the same with my dating life and then POOF! Mr. M appeared ...

so maybe there is hope.

All I know is that if I get this job by the grace of God, I'm not accepting anything less than $52,000. It's time.

Man, I'm glad it's Tuesday. I needed an extended weekend. Tomorrow, I pick up the pants I unwisely splurged on from the dry cleaners where they hemmed up the bottoms, like, a foot and a half because all expensive, cool pants are made for women over six feet tall.

And I'm gonna sport them at Mr. M's website's launch party on Thursday. I feel very Jackie O, all supporting my man as he campaigns for more clients, etcetera.

I made the best lovah-lovah mix for Valentine's Day and I wrote him a poem off the top of my head and he read it and got choked up.

The mix is so good, I'm thinking of duping it and giving it to my girls as an "I Think You're So Special" kind of a thing.

Man, I'm so All Full Of Love, I'm giving myself diabetes with this onslaught of saccharine.

I need a haircut. But I opted for groceries instead.

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