11.05.03 :: 9:30 am

OK, so it went unexpectedly well last night. I'm a little in shock, actually, because I had my spiteface ready to go, but he was:

a) early
b) tall
c) charming
d) wearing awesome shoes
e) hot like yowza.

We have absolutely nothing in common, save for the fact that we are both carbon-based life forms. But it was the most fun I've had on a date since Simon, the Great Asshole of Summer 03.

We ate ravioli and saw Lost in Translation. He drove us around in his car. Stick shift. Which is really sexy for some reason.

He is an eye doctor. He has green eyes. He is younger than me. For Halloween he dressed up as a woman and wore lipstick and thought it was fun (this is important). He's straight out of the midwest.

And this is where I bust out sing "He's a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock and roll..."

No, but for serious. He was a total surprise hottie. And a great date. And, maybe, we'll do it again.

At 4 PM today, I have my second interview. This is wear we cross all digits and toes and limbs and pray to the heavens above because I need this.

I really, really need this.

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