2001-06-09 :: 8:51 p.m.

I will pretend that I didn't mind standing behind a counter from 8 till 3 today while everybody was having blast in Coney Island. Nope. Doesn't bother me at all. I got plenty o' sunshine during ny smoke breaks and from 3 to 4. Yep, better than a day at the stinky beach. Definitely. Uh-huh.

it's 10 PM on a Saturday night and I'm paralyzed without my 'Nuns. Effectively disabled. Trixi's mom's in town, Ruby's at a party in freaking White Plains, Laurie is godknowswhere with Jake, as is Fiona with Matt.

I'm going to Don Hill's later, though. I hope.

Tallboy is incommunicado, the way we like him for now. Until I break the news that he lost, but that he'll get some lovely parting gifts and thanks for playing.

Last night, RSE and I danced around my living room like old times, taking turns playing DJ, making rum and cokes. Regardless of the beautiful weather I won't be able to enjoy, this summer is looking very up.

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