02.14.08 :: 9:41 am

there is so much to do in such a short span of time.

i have a mountain of paperwork to fill out in order to get some cold hard cash from my previous employer and it involves notaries and bank authorization and tax advisors all this other legal garbage that i can barely wrap my head around
and i just bored myself to death just thinking about it.

then we have to figure out the gameplan for new orleans.
we need to book our flight, use our respective miles wisely and in coordination with each other, and then get a hotel and figure out what to do with the dog while we're away.

nevermind finding something to wear.
ryan needs a new suit. i need a tent. etcetera, et-fucking-cetera.

i freak out in these situations because i think there is a tangible force working against me and i completely shut down.
i have to enter into zombie/robot mode to accomplish these things.

ugh wake me up when i'm having fun.

in heart-related news, i'm gonna work on a little valentine's day graphic design project for my mister and surprise him with it on saturday after he's eaten the feast i cook for him.

this is our last valentine's day before becoming parents.
ive marinated on this thought and have properly freaked myself out over just HOW OLD we've become.

I remember being 22! It was awesome! I think! I don't remember! So it must have been good!


Onto the next phase of life, for which I can't stop buying things already.

I can't wait to see your little feets sticking out from the bottom, my sweet little boy.

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