03.15.02 :: 9:43 am

While he was getting a haircut last night, I couldn't stand it anymore and I prolapsed internally and freaked out and grabbed the faulty contact lens out of my and chucked it on the floor with such rage and velocity, that I heard its pathetic little smack to the ground.

I feel better now.

Even though I'm wearing my schoolmarmish bookwoorm nerdy dorkfest specs.


Today at 4:30, I have an appointment with the Bridal Salon at Bergdorf Goodman to look at headpieces made of sea glass and Swarovski crystals.

They look as amazing as that sounds.

The one I want, the one that speaks to me, the one I will lay my hard-earned money down right then and there for is something that reminds me of the drawings of the first Olympics in Greece; where the athletes wore crowns of leaves. Except this one is much, much better.


How Greek is that?! Viva Hellas! I hope they have it in stock.

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