08.23.06 :: 9:34 am

had another anxiety-ridden wedding dream last night and really, it just needs to happen already and be over so I can carry on with my life.

we sported our rings around the house last night, getting a kick out of such an outwardly tangible sign of lurrrrrve...

hair runthrough/trial/what-have-you today with my star-caliber awesomely flamboyantly fantastical whimsical hairdresser.
I've brought my sparkly headthingy with me and he's gonna do it up rockstar style.

It's Wednesday, and normally Miss Ruby and I would do our weekly wednesday "what are we doing this weekend" email exchange and now I've just gone and made myself depressed again...

On the upside (I guess..) I'll be saving a ton of money now that I won't be going into the city as much and taking cabs back home.
But that's really the only upside.
Everything else about this is garbage. for me, anyway.

But hey. London's a mere 6 hours away. And I'm not too broke to be unable to go for a visit. So there's that.

The Health & Happiness Show rages on in my personal life, however, and for that I am very thankful.
Good People, Good Health™.

Try it, you'll like it.

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