06.25.03 :: 9:14 am

It's the kind of day where you spend forty minutes on the subway and by the time you reach the outside world, you're too cold from the AC to get an iced coffee.

But at least the AC is working in the subways. I still remember when there wasn't such a thing and you spent the entire ride face-deep in B.O.

Last night I watched "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and had a discussion with my new roommates and neighbors as to whether or not this was based on a true story.

All I know is that it's a film chock full of shrieking. And that blonde can sure belt them out.

I enjoy movies with very little plot. Just some kids in a van. Crazy hitchhiker. Crazy Leatherface. Creepy house. Meat hooks. Crazy creepy family dinner. The End.

You know what would be good right now? Sorbet.

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