01.24.02 :: 11:42 am

$1500 deposited, check and check and thank you, no but really I deserved it so ...

The madness going on at work today is completely inexplicable and must be a cruel joke.

Not to go on about work, but it's really amazing how twenty people can be confused about fifty different things surrounding ONE product launch.


I get to fix all the problems!

Sundaygirl, Super Sleuth.

For lunch, I'm rewarding myself with turkey sammiches instead of just salad.

And I can't wait for tomorrow.

A movie at the 25-screen palatial movie theater in Times Square and snacks accompanied with Margaritas at Chevy's, that behemoth of a restaurant across the street. With My Boy, of course.

Gotta get crackin. Makeup needs to be sold, people!

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