06.20.08 :: 9:55 am

Dr. B jammed her hand so far up me this morning I felt like a freaking puppet.

Turns out I'm not experiencing pre-term labor, fortunately. But I am experiencing some pretty godawful stabbing all throughout my nether regions.

Which is attributed to our son's GIANT HEAD. Seriously, that thing is HUGE. His arms and legs are also incredibly long and measuring at the length usually seen in babies about to be born in TEN DAYS.

So he's probably going to be very tall, needless to say.

Everything looks good, though.

Ryan made me laugh in the exam room and I peed myself and the exam table, FYI.
So, yeah, me and dignity? We real tight.

Me and incontinence, too.

It's my last day of work today.
I've got music, snacks, and the internet to get me through to 5 PM.

Not an entirely bad Friday.

No jinxing.

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