06.11.06 :: 5:47 pm

the day was fully gorgeous. we sat in the park till or cheeks got toasty and now we are cooking a yummy dinner.

Went to a friend's going away party last but it was more of a get-together than anything, which then just devolved into watching "Jackass."

I would have liked to have gone cavorting in the city at lowkey, swank places but me and my wallet are not really speaking right now.

I find I've been saying the same version of "I love weekends, but I would love them even more if I wasn't always embroiled in fiscal ridiculousness" for nigh on thirty-five years already.

Yesterday afternoon, I got my prayers answered.
In the form of some settlement money over a portion of land in Greece that I own, like, 1/6th of.

Long story short, illegal development by a random asshat on our property means I get 1/6th of what's coming to me.

It's not like I can up and retire or anything, but it's a good amount of cash and I'm happy to rejuvenate my emaciated checking account.

The Fates shit out a golden nugget of perfect timing every once in a while. I am eternally grateful.

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