01.24.06 :: 1:22 pm

i'm about ready to send save-the-date cards to all the L.A./Athens, Greece peeps invited to the wedding and I'm pretty excited about it.

I came up with a cute design and Ryan approved and today I spent $75 on supplies for this endeavor at Kate's.

My coworker buddy is optimizing some of the graphic elements for me so they look crisper coming through the laser jet and then I'm all set and ready to go.

It's really really happening.
Who would have EVER imagined. Me. Actually getting married.

It's so bizarre and yet so exciting. I have a headache just thinking about the tasks we haven't completed yet.

OK, so no lunch for me today, but it's cool. There's plenty of food at home.
And a little doggie with her head in a cone collar.


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