09.16.04 :: 10:03 am

Swear to the baby Jesus I need a full time nanny. For myself. Because it's obvious that I am unable to make basic decisions governing my well-being.

A nanny would have told me that it is not a good idea to drink heavily on a Wednesday night. And that I should probably just take a bath, get into my jammies, read a story, and be alseep by 10PM.

Well, I don't have a nanny. I just have my demented, animalistic, crazed nature and the last thing I remember was shoving a dollar forcefully into the jukebox and proclaiming "The night belongs to New Order!!"

Death. Death now.

But, still. I'm gonna do it all over again tonight with my sisternun. Like Depeche Mode once said, "I just can't get enough."

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