05.28.07 :: 2:45 pm

it cost a total of $660.
the deposit on the loft. yeah, that's not a typo. oh, that's TOTAL, by the way. My half is $330.
and here i was ready to write a check for AT LEAST first and last month's rent, but no.

Not only that, we get the first month FREE.
Not only THAT, but we get an extra $300 taken off the next month's rent. Just for kicks.

I'm not paying rent until August 1.

Let's marinate on that for a moment. And now let's enjoy the fact that I'm getting THREE bloated paychecks in June.

Hi, California. I like you. A lot, a lot.

Thanks for the almost laughably endearing weather predictability. 75 and sunny. Every. Single. Day.
The New Yorker in me is utterly mystified by this, and i'm not convinced that black magic is not somehow involved.
Thanks for ridiculously fresh and delicious produce and fruits that are currently detoxifying my formerly rotten insides.
No thanks to the 405, though. You gotta get that shit under control, toute suite, my friend. But no matter.
Surface streets, surface streets, surface streets.

And thanks for the farmer tan today, while I sat outside and read.
I feel very very rested on this Memorial Day Weekend.

Dearest New York: You're still my number one ho, don't worry. I'm just trying to understand my near-rabid devotion to you all those years, and I need my space.
Maybe it was your delis; the pretty twinkly lights on the bridge; your almost-mythical and legendary "convenience" factor...
although in retrospect, i ended up being inconvenienced more often than not while living with you.

You stay you, New York. We'll be meeting again soon.

Time for a nap, and then to commence the eating of the grilled meats.

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