09.10.01 :: 9:39 pm

i like juice bar happenings. i like "chocolate thunder" smoothies even though it looks like tar and has basically the same consistency. i like his crazy co-workers who say "eye rolling at customers is encouraged here; that's what gets you tips." i like that they are all one big dirty collective, pant bottoms soaked in whatever's been spilled on the floor. i like the incense stick pointing out of the wheatgrass. i like that corey serves drinks in "risky business"-style sunglasses. i like the way they weave around each other in tight corners. i like that they decide when they feel like closing. i like that they lock the doors early and crank up the music. i like the feeling that the cat's away and the mice are playing. i like that no one puts lids on the blenders and turns them up on full anyway, barely spilling anything. i like that My Boy made up a drink called "poppa cherry." i like juice bar happenings.

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