05.01.08 :: 2:11 pm

Unpleasant lunch out with co-workers in terms of Winnie being The Usual Winnie and generally all sorts of obnoxious in public.
It's May 1, which means that I only have to drown her out for a mere 56 more days before I'm blissfully free.

And you know it's bad when I'm looking forward to hours upon endless hours of painful labor rather than listen to her gruesome laugh and equally revolting life stories involving cheating on every boyfriend she's ever had because she's a duplicitous, immature little skanktress.

I swear, I've never known more about someone I care so little about.

But. The sun is out. It's breezy. Tomorrow is payday.
My mother is finally, after a thousand years of living in New York, buying property in Manhattan and staying firmly rooted so Oliver will grow up with her around and we won't have to pay a babysitter or for daycare and they'll go to central park together and play together and I'm so very very happy and grateful about this and I can't wait for this part of our life.

Start NOW.

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