08.22.02 :: 6:01 am

Oh, I'm in Greece by the way.

The flights were okay, nothing too turbulent or traumatic, but I am never flying with a layover ever again. Especially not on Alitalia.

I can't even get into it here because in forty-five minutes the taxi is coming to take us to the High Speed Ferry to take us to Sifnos island, but suffice it to say that the airport experience at Malpensa, Italy was harrowing and involved running at some point running to the gate, five minutes before takeoff.


Yes. Greece. What can I say. Gorgeous. My Boy is working on a sunburn/tan and I'm still working on digesting last night's glutton fest of dinner.

I taught him how to ask "Please wash my panties," which should be helpful.

On Sifnos, I promised him we could rent a scooter to scoot around the island on. I hope we don't fall off the edge of a mountainside dirt road and get eaten by sharks.

It is 6 AM.

Welcome to jet lag and the life of the jet set.

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