02.16.05 :: 10:23 am

ScrabbleBooze deteroriated shortly after I got the only triple word score with "excavated" and then I ended up lecturing Lemur for about an hour about how he's retarded and evil for thinking about cheating on his girlfriend with his ex.
I pleaded with him to at least break up with his girlfriend before doing anything dumb and he said he's too much of a pussy.

So I told him if he hasn't broken up with her by June, I'm doing it for him.
I can't hang out with her anymore knowing that Lemur's loins are going elsewhere, you know? It's just not fair to me!
And, after all, this is about ME ME ME!

I kid.
I wish men were more ballsy and upfront about what's going on in their pea-sized little wormy brains.

In more news ABOUT ME, I tapered off of the immunosuppressants completely and while my skin is having a relapse into itchy patches, they aren't severe. And they're going away.
And, being off the drugs is clearing up all sorts of other, more personal, "down-there" problems, so, as with everything else in this life, it's a trade-off.

It's Wednesday, I'm eating miniature pears, and I'm feeling groovy.

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