2001-06-25 :: 4:26 p.m.

I gotta hankering. My Sista 'Nun and I must paint.the.town.red.and.black.and.blue. This weekend.

And you know the word spreads 'cause the Google search yesterday was for "Ruby Redd Foxx." Omen, sign, portent of good/evil? Who's to say?

Someone's started looking. And that's a start.

We're going places. Or we're staying in, shrieking to the stereo.

God, I can't stop mentioning summertime. How everything, everything is so right in JuneJulyAugust. Things just coming together, over briquettes a-blazing,
icy fruitcocktail concoctions cooling in the bloodstream,
fireworks from roof,
PM breezes still warm through windows,
sweat-soaked 'Nuns in Don Hill foot-aching ecstacy,
My Boy beneath Florida nightskies.

I. Cannot. -Repeat- Cannot. Wait.

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