09.15.03 :: 9:12 pm

We filmed a video invite for my party last night. It was fun and silly.

Hopefully, hurricane Isabel will not fuck my shit up too much this weekend, but a natural disaster always brings people closer, so who knows. It might be a blessing in disguise.

I haven't had a birthday party in so long. Years and years. I feel like a preteen with acne all over again.

Anyway, Wednesday is my lunch meeting with my two bosses. I know I will not be able to eat.

I am a little relieve and yet perplexed about this. If they wanted to fire me, why would they have postponed it from Monday? If they want to just tear me a new asshole for doing something boneheaded, why wouldn't they just call me into their offices?

This is something else altogether. And I don't even give them enough credit to think about either promoting me or hiring me permanently, so whatever this meeting is about, it's definitely scary . Scary times ten billion.

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