02.06.09 :: 5:58 pm

All I know is that my body better start forming something resembling anything other than lumpen really really soon because i'm positive i'm breaking vital organs in that crazy ass cardio & weights class at the gym.

Also, I've eaten nothing but salad, carrots, green beans and coffee today.

And I'm not even hungry, that class makes me so nauseous afterward.


I failed to mention last time I talked about going to this class that there's a really abhorrent older woman who's in it and you know the type, I'm sure.
Ugh I can't even think about her.
Basically, bike shorts, bandanna and upsettingly vocal all throughout the hour-long eternity of crunches, lunges, and punching.

Vocal as in grunting and hooting and hooing and orgasmically crying out "YEEEEEES!" whenever the instructor goes "Are you with me?"
And I'm fairly certain that can be considered a rhetorical question or at least one that does not require such asinine displays.

Oh and another thing? She spends like thirty minutes prior to the class sprawled out on a mat and stretching really preposterously.

basically, I can't and also refuse to understand gym exhibitionists.

If I had the money right now, I'd pay a personal trainer to come to my house so that I don't have to subject myself to her and others of her kind.

I'm becoming quite intolerant in my old age. I'm OK with this.

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