11.07.05 :: 11:04 am

oh god another monday.

today on the subway ride into work, ryan pointed out the crazy lady who gets off on our stop who HAS TO be the FIRST ONE out the door.

Before ryan got to know her M.O., he mistakenly tried subtly fighting her to the turnstile, and when he got out first, she bumped into him not entirely accidentally.

This morning she was at it again.
Only this time there was a guy standing in front of the train doors before her. So she did what any psychotic person would do: she wedged herself in front of him, even tohugh her face was pressing against the glass.

At the stop, he still managed to get out first.

We silently cheered him on.

"You know her day is ruined, right?" ryan observed. "Like, she'll be thinking about this moment well into lunch."

And then I determined that if this woman was not already in therapy, her therapist might suggest suicide as a viable option.

Because if you are THAT consumed with getting to the turnstile FIRST, EVERY DAY, then your life is probably terribly sad and meaningless and yeah...
just end it all.

Man. She was PISSED.
I hope she's crying in a bathroom stall somewhere.

In other news, we have a cake maker, and we have a photographer.
Slowly but surely, this madness is coming together.

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